Reflections on a year in the Blogosphere

The 20th of this month marked the one year anniversary of my first post to this blog. And what a wild ride this year has been!

From that initial post (inspired ironically my frustrations at the government – nothing has changed there!) to sitting here writing this post at the Stockholm Environment Institute in York, where I am now researching the effect of environmental campaigns on pro-environmental behaviour… this year has been a roller-coaster.

This blog has given me drive, focus, an outlet for my thoughts, and no doubt has contributed to my ongoing career journey. My writing has certainly gotten better, and I’d like to think I’ve been helpful in inspiring debate and conversation around the environment and the issues that we all face.

I said back in that first post that:

I think who is going to care what I have to say? How can I really make that much of a difference? Will anyone even read this blog? But then I remember that if we all thought like that then nothing would ever change.

And it turns out people do read this blog, some of them care a lot and do engage in meaningful debate. Sure it’s not millions of people, but it is some people, and if those people make one change or tell one person, then we can make a difference.

Here’s to another year!

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